I Am A Woman And I Know Football


Our I Am a Woman And I Know Football, Ten Secret Rules for Female Football Success DVD teaches the basics of American football to women and makes the fundamentals fun.

  • A lot of Women Helped Us Reach Our Target –More than a dozen women of all ages and backgrounds collaborated with award-winning television producers, photographers, editors, actresses, coaches and players to produce a DVD that entertains and teaches.
  • Women Wanted Football Explained Clearly-My wife and I are proud parents of daughters who wanted to learn about football. During our research we discovered that many women seek a better understanding about the game. These women who wanted to know more included moms, grandmothers, women who never played sports, cheerleaders and former cheerleaders.
  • Women Compliment This Program- Women who reviewed this DVD said the players were engaging and entertaining instructors, as seen in this overview video below.

My Background- I am a former television producer and news manager. For more than 25 years, talented colleagues taught me how to write visual, compelling news and sports stories. This includes coverage of  high school football, college football and the NFL, where I supervised crews who reported on the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.08.57 PM Order this DVD- This DVD is $9.99  plus a $4.00 shipping and handling fee. There is a 6.875 % sales tax because it is being purchased in the state of Minnesota. Please click here  if you would like to purchase either with PayPal or credit card.